become true self and create true and happy life

Soul trauma and energy healing | Open Heart | Inner transformation | Instruments for harmony in relationships, family, health, well-beeing and success, self-realization

Find truth about yourself

When I found MySelf and Truth about Life I saw how simple it is and how many missunderstandings and missconceptions about us like people, Life itself, happiness and freedom, Soul, Universe, God, reconciliation of ordinary and spiritual life, enlightment are and how much people  are unhappy and suffer due to that.

The Truth of happy Life is very simple and I want to share my findings with the people of the whole world and help them find their True Self and become The Creators of True and Happy Life. 

I can HELP transform YOUrself

find and connect to your hihgest self

Self development. Source of energy and enlightment

find peace of mind and soul

Instruments for energy, calmness, harmony in life

Create harmony in relationships

Happy couple. Happy family. Happy children. Happy people.

find and remove root causes for any suffer in life

Anxiety, depression, lack of energy, fatique, insomnia, fears, tantrums, guilt, low self-esteem and many others

heal your heart and soul traumas

Past and present life, childhood, ancestor trauma healing. Open your Heart.

find harmony and balance in material and spiritual life

Hidden simple truth of Life. Unity of Divine and Earthly Feminine and Masculine.

find out secrets of universe and life

Simple Truth about Life and Universe. God. Karma. Past lives. Spiritual teachings

Individual transformational program

Unique program to completely transform yourself during 1 to 10 sessions. 

Find and remove root causes of lack of health, energy, happines and harmony in all areas of life, improve knowledge about your Self, your Soul, laws of Universe. Soul and ancestor trauma healing from past and present lives, childhood. Regression. Energy healing of body and soul. Raising of vibrations. Authentic and unique own developed and  led by Highest Self transformational meditation, regression, energy, healing practices, family constelation. Online worldwide. Alive in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
In English, Lithuanian or Russian language.
Price - 300 eur / session or as much as you can.
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group sessions ONLINE worldwide

Meditation -Transformation - Soul and Heart trauma healing group session once per week online worldwide. Wisdom about True and Happy Life, true causes of Soul and Heart traumas, how to heal them and improve Life quality. Truth about Self, Soul, Feminine and Masculine Energy, Universe, Creator, karma. 

Live sessions - Facebook live in my Facebook account.


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VsI Vita Magna
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Purpose: Charity